Fast and Efficient Borehole Pumps Repairs

Published: 14th February 2012
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Borehole pumps are amongst the most important and useful types manufactured and installed in South Africa; mainly because they are ultra reliable. There are, however, occasions when repairs to the borehole pumps are required. Typically these repairs will be necessary after a certain amount of time when normal wear and tear will cause a malfunction on the working mechanism of the borehole pump.

Damage can also be caused to the pump due to the contamination of ground water with foreign matter that blocks either the pumping mechanism itself or the pipes that lead to the surface that transport the water. Failure due to the entrance of foreign matter is usually prevented through the installation of a well screen which is common when the borehole pump is first installed.

In rare circumstances environmental conditions like flooding can also necessitate borehole repairs to borehole pumps due to ground disturbance and high flow volumes which can have an adverse effect on the operations of borehole pumps which have not been serviced at regular intervals.

Most manufacturers of borehole pumps will offer not only a guarantee on the functioning of the pump but also repairs for the pumps. These repairs will be carried out by experienced repair technicians who will use only the best replacement parts which are usually manufactured to original specifications or even produced by the original manufacturer.

In most cases these repairs can be carried out by removing the pumping mechanism from the borehole, without disturbing the lines connecting the pump to the surface. In some rare instances the piping carrying the surface may be removed for servicing and replacement. The removal and replacement of the pipes which carry the water to the surface is more common in borehole pumps that require repairs after standing ideal for extended periods. These types of repairs are common where households decide to save on mains water costs by using a borehole pump that has been sitting idle for some years.

Hardy and Cost Effective Submersible Pumps

The submersible pump is a type of centrifugal pump that operates in a vertical position. Submersible pumps are usually available in one of two different types. The first type is a multistage submersible pump which is usually used in boreholes for the pumping of water and is also found in oil extraction operations where it is used to extract oil to storage facilities or pumping stations on the surface.

The second type of submersible pumps are the singly stage submersible pumps which are used for sewage pumping, industrial pumping applications and slurry pumping. These types of submersible pumps can also be found in use in aquariums. When these types of submersible pumps are used in oil pumping they are able to significantly increase the flow due to the lowering of pressure at the bottom of oil wells rather than relying on the natural pressure of the oil well.

These types of submersible pumps are usually electrically powered and controlled form the surface where the flow rate can be set using a variety of different controller boxes. Electrical power is also supplied by a generator on the surface and can make use of a portable generator set. The ability to use a portable generator with the submersible pumps for oil pumping purposes is especially useful where the pumping must take place in remote areas where mains electricity is not available.

Highly Reliable and Robust Diesel Pumps

Many companies prefer to make use of diesel pumps, rather than petrol powered pumps due to the fact that diesel pumps have been proven to be extremely reliable and offer low cost of ownership due to the fact that they boast extremely long service intervals.

Diesel pumps are also preferred for use in applications where safety is a concern, such as in mine dewatering applications. The diesel powered pumps are efficient and diesel is far less flammable than petrol, making the pumps safer to use in industrial applications. Diesel is also safer to store in situations where large amounts of fuel need to be safely stored on site.

There are a wide variety of different types of diesel powered pumps, all of which are manufactured to extremely high quality standards and therefore boast extremely reliable operation. Many types of borehole pumps rely on diesel fuel for operation and the repairs, if necessary, can be carried out on site. This means that diesel pumps can be back in operation extremely quickly after essential maintenance has been carried out.

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